Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tom's Girl

12" x 9" oil on board

These figures I have been painting lately are going back to what I really love to paint most!

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  1. De la douceur, de la candeur et grande pureté dans cette peinture qui vous caractérise.
    Toutes ces qualités escortées par la générosité du soleil et de la lumière que vous savez magnifiquement restituer dans toutes vos peintures.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. I shows you love painting them and I certainly love seeing them. You have a wonderful way with the figure.

  3. Love the shade you've captured, Dana. And a fun composition too.

  4. I shows...really beautiful and graceful!

  5. This is a beautiful painting, Dana!! Love it!!

  6. Loving this beautiful piece Dana. Gorgeous color and light!

  7. Love the richer colors here and the graceful elongation and curvature of her limbs both visible and as seen through the fabric. You really captured some beautiful nuances in the color variations and a believable lighting effect with wonderful values. I adore your looser style also!


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