Thursday, April 25, 2013

Real Moment

10" x 8" oil on board

Children as live models don't alway work out because they have a hard time sitting still but as models they are wonderful to photograph because they lose their focus.  This was done from a photograph of a child in a real moment.


  1. I so understand what you mean about the "real" moment as opposed to the posed. Sometimes even adults lose their focus in the pose as well and then they too can become quite "real."
    I really like the high contrast in your painting. It makes your composition and your colors sing.

  2. Love how you handled her dress. Beautifully done, Dana.

  3. Funny that Shirley made a comment because I was thinking this painting really expresses that "sweet" sentiment that Shirley portrays so well in her the subject matter....

  4. Dana this is lovely! It reminds me of the "Holly Hobby" little girl when I was growing up, or the "SunBonnet Sue" patterns. I love this painting.

  5. Beautiful pose, Dana! Painted perfectly.


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